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Web, Animations, Illustrations, Mobile App, UI/UX




We created a platform that allows users to book a trip filtered by cost, duration, arrival or departure time, and then be issued an invoice of the trip. We were going up against giants in this space and wanted to think out of the box. 

The goal was to have a net result cost  and time savings with ease of use. However, we ran into some challenges where the third party mapping SDK we were using was causing issues with the routing and displaying incorrect addresses.

So we solved this by creating our own software to force the pins to display the correct addresses. As well as designing the driver applications to switch to Google Navigation as an alternative navigator. 


We teamed up with Kater to build great mobile experiences and front-end web applications. 


Mobile apps


We designed both Android & iOS mobile applications for both customer and drivers. Our designers had to put on multiple different hats on to think about the different users we have as well as different native components that Android & iOS each have to offer.

Initial booking flow wireframes
Overflow views of Kater apps

Motion design


Do you have a super cool story you want to convey? Well we made one! Working with another product designer at Kater, we built out a story in motion design about the multiple ways you can get around town by using Kater as a mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) technology company.

Video courtsey of Nati Escobar


We created this dashboard from scratch to organize incoming driver applications for Kater’s Operations team. Drivers go through an approval process by uploading their required documents and upon successful completion they move onto the training portion of the site. We also made a UI Kit in React for faster and easier web development for both Driver Onboarding and the Control Centre at Kater.

Driver onboarding - desktop view

Mobile experience was vital for the applicants so that they could track their application any time.

Driver onboarding - mobile view


Tired of keeping track of where ride-hail drivers are located in the city or overwhelmed with spreadsheets? We designed from the bottom up an Operation Centre to keep Kater’s customer and driver profiles all in one place. With the ability for you to see a live map of where drivers are located and keep track of all trip statuses. We conducted user research and testing with the Operations team to make this one a success!