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Rumor is a product studio that designs and builds world class software platforms and high-performing teams.



The Product Studio

Elevate your brand and enhance user experience with our full-service product studio. We know what we're talking about - having launched over 322 projects since our inception.

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UX Strategy and Research

Product / Service Strategy

Experiments / MVP Strategy


User Experience

Visual Design

Technical Design


Full Stack Development

Infrastructure / DevOps

Mobile Dev


Brand Equity

Strategic / Tech Marketing

Social Marketing

We are proud to have taken some of the most visionary brands around the block





Hire World Class Teams

We possess deep expertise in cultivating world-class teams, having honed this skill over the past 15 years. Our streamlined approach empowers you to effortlessly assemble teams, expedite product delivery, and achieve cost-effectiveness, all while reclaiming valuable time.

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World-class talent & vetting

For builders, by builders.

In-house training for all employees. We take care of housekeeping. Leave HR, payroll, legal, and compliance to us.


An extension of your team.

Hire and onboard entire teams suited to your requirements 10x faster without sacrificing product quality.

Credibility & transparency

Stay in the know all along

Stay in-the-loop with our weekly reports and communicate directly with our Product Manager who can provide on-the-spot support.


Any timezone, we got you covered

We build a team that works well with your working hours.




Boulevard of future dreams

Ideas that one day will change the world of future dreams

Our venture division thrives on fostering innovation, growth and passion on making a difference in the world we live in.

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We offer initial checks and partner with ambitious entrepreneurs and fuel early stages of development to help accelerate growth.


We acquire innovative early-stage ventures and provide them with necessary resources, expertise and infrastructure to thrive.


We cultivate our own ideas that we feel solve a specific issue from inception to fruition.

Who we’d start a rumor for


Rapid High Quality Results at Affordable Rates MVP Packages + Pitch Deck Services


Find the right talent to build your team

Large-Scale Companies

Need a project done quickly, hassle-free, and accurately?

Rumor Avenue are our first choice go-to for all our dev needs, full stop. The team has an incredible skill set, adept in working in virtually any platform, always producing fantastic results. They handle every job with professionalism and focus, no matter how small or how big. We'd recommend them to anyone looking for dev solutions.

Carlton Evans
Director of Production | West

Rumor Avenue came into our project and not only fast-tracked our development but they really supported us to define our actual business. By taking a product and design first approach, they worked with us at length to simply and clarify our processes so that when we moved to development it was done correct the first time. This eye on product differentiates Rumor Avenue and has made them an invaluable partner to our success.

Jon Acquaviva
Co-founder | Pelicargo

Rumor is simply brilliant! Extremely pleasant to work with and is our strongest partner. The quality of work, reliability, and level of expertise is unmatched. As a design company, we rely heavily on a tech partner that can ask the right questions and deliver — Rumor get’s it done.

Eugene David
Founder + Design Director | LHBI

Rumor Avenue's understanding of staffing dynamics, combined with their diverse roster of technical, creative and administrative professionals, has helped us achieve key objectives and accelerate our development cycle. The Rumor team delivered on UI/UX, DevOps, Brand and Administrative support to help reduce the go to market time of a new product line. Rumor's process is seamless and them very easy to integrate with existing teams or projects. They provide ample and timely communication with project stakeholders. We would not hesitate to recommend them to and look forward to continuing to work with the Rumor Team.

Paul Mullen
Chief Operating Officer | Draganfly Innovations Inc

We had the privilege of working with the team at Rumor very early on in our development life cycle and I can confidently say we benefited tremendously from both their expertise and guidance. If you want someone who will not only deliver but go the extra mile - look no further!

Brady Schlecker
CEO | WERX Health